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You have the questions, we have the answers.

1. How many manufacturing facilities do you have?

NI has 5 different presses lines ranging from 750 tons to 2500 tons. Range are 750mt, 930mt, 1150mt, 1650mt, 2500mt. And we have recently expanded three more lines that are 1150mt, 1150mt and 1450mt.

2. Which type of alloys do you supply?

We offer alloys 6063 (HE9WP), 6061 (HE20WP), 6351 (HE30WP), 6005, 6060, 6082, E1E, E91E, NE4, NE5. We are also offering special alloys such as 2014, 2024, 6262 etc.

3. Are you exports to other markets?

Yes, NI exports to various markets worldwide. Some to name are France, Africa, Kuwait, Qatar, middle east Asia, and plenty others.

4. Are the sections tested by HRC machine?

Yes! NI has HRC machines to check HRC in QC department. And, as per clients requirements, we maintain HRC every time or as many times clients want.

5. Do u supply cut lengths?

Yes! Material of any length between 1 to 7 meter can be supplied.

6. What are the conditions of new die development?

New die cost should be contributed by clients. If general dies would be okay, there will be no extra charges.

7. What is your tolerance of quality?

Being ISO 9001:2001 certified, Caring will be taken as per clients requirements, but tolerance will be minimum of +/_ 10%.

8. What is the minimum order quantity?

It is of 500 kg to 1000 kg.

9. What are the packing method?

Our packing is done with barcode system. So we can supply accurate quantity to clients. Also, we give the facility to clients of giving weight of 1 piece on barcode with the number of piece in the particular package.