All About

National Industries

From our first line to 10 warehouses, this is us, NATIONAL INDUSTRIES!


Our company is working in aluminum extrusion sector since 1989, when we were widely known as ‘National Aluminum’. We changed our brand name as ‘National Industries’ in 2008 with the mission to deliver the best quality of work in the aluminum extrusion sector. Since then, we have never looked back. Just within a year of establishing National Industries, we started receiving great response and feedbacks from our beloved clients.

About Company

National industries were founded at Sachin,10 km south from Surat, in Gujarat, Western India. After some years we started small aluminum extrusion line in Kim near Surat in Gujarat and thereafter, National Industries started getting recognized for quality and in no time we began receiving more demands of clients. We started more 3 lines in our industries.

At present we are having 5 automated extrusion lines 750mt, 930mt, 1150 mt, 1650mt, 2500 mt with 10 warehouses. Now we have a plan for 3 new press lines soon.

Connections with Clients

Fifteen years ago it was the most advanced in quality and this indeed is still the case today as well. Our technical evolution of our equipment has been the most gradually and consistently growing through the past years and we are continuing to learn from our clients as we are understanding the problems they are facing. So, as we progressed from project to project and client to client, we made our client more happy with our services.

It is our customers only who motivates us all time to continue the process of increasing our performance and they believe in our decision with reliability. Our main focus is giving our product with more quality conscious with low-cost rate and recognizes the importance of compliance and quality in delivering high-value products to customers, and because of this accuracy we move ahead and ahead in this industry.

Health Precautions

Health and Care of staff and employees is very important. We believe that a safe workplace is a profitable work, and we invest enough in worker’s health and safety.

We have an integrated approach for sectors like communication, training, auditing, and rewards. All sectors are directly or indirectly responsible for our global environment, health and safety policy and make the practice to create a safe working environment for our employees.


National industries have core safety for injuries, and a long-term target to avoid and eliminate all types of injury, incident, and occupational illness. These are some of the activities we carried out to help close injury:

  • During works Safety rounds
  • Risk analysis of every item.
  • contractors involve in our safety work.